360Studio - Immersive Content Capture Solution

What Is 360Studio?
360Studio is an all-in-one portable solution designed for streaming
immserive 360° content. This unique unit features a 4K display with
multi-touch projected capacitive touch technology, the latest Intel
CPU, and a top-of-the-line graphics card in a compact and portable
form factor. It is paired with a high-end, lightweight, 4-lens
professional grade panorama camera capable of capturing over a
combined 6K resolution video. 360Studio allows users to capture
and share live events in a way like never before.
4-Lens Professional Panorama Camera
  1. High-quality four-group wide angle lenses
  2. More than 6K high-definition 360° video
  3. Panorama camera for live view
  4. Lightweight body & large capacity battery

A complete solution for capturing, stitching, and streaming 360° content for a completely immersive experience.
Built-In Mount

During live concerts, sports events, and much more, our built-in mount is designed to seamlessly attach the camera to our portable computer. Simply attach the F4 camera, and with the provided software, you can immediately begin streaming and recording 360° content.


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